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Pioneering the Real Estate Investment Approach by One Broker Group


One Broker Group (OBG), is a UAE based Real Estate Brokerage Company, who recently hosted an Open House Event as an alliance of EMAAR, to enlighten investors and end-users about the current opportunities in developing areas, and uprising potential opportunities of the future projects of EMAAR.

OBG, established in 2016 after a successful collaboration of two biggest and most experienced real estate corporations, which was designed to deliver world-class property services to stakeholders, end to end project solutions for major developers, and to become a leading real estate company in the Middle East Region and globally.

The main objective of the Open House held at the Dubai Hills Estate – Sales Pavilion last August 25, 2019, to showcase the current and upcoming launch areas by the majestic Developer, as well as the EMAAR’s new concepts in the real estate market. OBG provided full information about the projects to the investors and end-users regarding the flexible payment plans, availing of interest-free terms, and different modes of payment.

Through this Open House event, an investment of AED 25 Million was generated from investors and end-users. The event also sheds light on various comparisons and statistical analysis of the competitive areas in the growing real estate sectors. Investors were made aware of the new green living communities and landscapes within the UAE. The event was supported by Emaar’s senior team all through the occasion.

Upon highlighting the Open House’s uniqueness, Towqeer Gilkar, Senior Investment Director at One Broker Group, said “Currently it is very important for real estate firms to inform the general masses with the in-depth knowledge of the projects and the potential in the upcoming projects and the latest investment opportunities in the market. We must not limit to smart investment, cost-effective investment, analysis on ROI for investors, better living communities for the end-users.”

“The event was aimed to emphasize on the latest projects by the developer, Emaar and how they have evolved through time and upgrade the existing communities and to blend it with current trends; a novel and contemporary concept of green living communities with better infrastructure infused with technology that will appeal to the current generation’s need.” He added further.

The Open House gathered an attendance of 300 individuals who are investors and end-users, and from the major investment firms, including senior officials from Emaar and One Broker Group. The event produced a good traction on OBG’s social platforms and was regarded as a highly informative conference that ensured mass reached, even to the general public.

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